Voiceovers and Tension – The Not Silent Blog 8/6/19

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3 Responses

  1. Beautifully written and oh so needed right now. Thank you Tom! I try to be as positive as I can in our group on Facebook, on Instagram, and elsewhere, and sometimes it’s chastised as “not showing the full picture.” Like people want to hear the negative. I get that it’s easier to bellow and screech than it is to sing and rejoice. But yeeshk. 🙂 Thanks for this much needed Blog!

  2. Is it the truth?
    Is it fair to all concerned?
    Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

  3. Geat blog Tom! It is as if the VO community is suffering from the same divisiveness we see in the general population – which is both not surprising and surprising at the same time. Not surprising because we all live within the real world, but surprising given how generally caring the community is. It is really unfortunate that we aren’t more cohesive as a group fighting the real issues affecting the industry as a whole. It’s hard for any group to combat structural challenges as a whole when there is increasing unnecessary infighting.

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