Voiceovers And Rumors – The Not Silent Blog 10/22/19

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2 Responses

  1. No joke. That one spread like wildfire. Thanks for this, Tom.

  2. Thank you for helping sound the alarm on this topic, Tom. Not just in voice-over, America is choking on what I call Beauty Shop Gossip on Steroids. Too many immediately believe pretty much anything they hear or read and, as the story gets repeated, details can change; sometimes drastically.

    But Google (and other search engines are also a problem, for much the same reason. Many times, I’ve seen people simply repeat the fragments of text displayed in the search results (pieces of, not complete sentences from the various web pages listed), believing that anything they read on search result pages is automatically the truth. They don’t understand that – similar to a library – search engines are merely a list of available documents… documents that can be written by anyone with any level of education, background or experience. There is non-fiction and there is fiction.

    We are swimming in a sea of information but drowning in (willful) ignorance. Whenever someone says (or types) “I Googled it!” I am immediately cautious.

    Thanks again, Tom!

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