Voiceovers And The Post-Voicebank World – The Not Silent Blog 9/18/18

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin West says:

    I may be a bit biased, but VOPlanet is awesome! Love reading your blog Tom! Thanks for the mention. I hope. 😉

  2. jESUS mor says:

    Thanks for the voice over information.

  3. J. LeFebvre says:

    Covoco.com – Apparently a scam. I cannot get hold of anyone, the site will not allow me to update or retain information (though it did allow me to upload some audio files).

    Really disappointing. I’ve been doing voiceovers for several years now and as a disabled vet, was really hoping to be able to get a little more work without having to move to “the other coast” every couple of years.

  4. Mister says:

    Covoco – Scam for certain. They seem legit being on Linkedin but a cursory google search of them shows many people agree – I was duped.

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