Voiceovers and Defining Success – The Not Silent Blog 02/19/19

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  1. Hello Tom. Thanks for writing this.
    The definition of VO success in my world has changed from my entry into the VO world. I wanted to make money and be involved with other VO people but instead came out with renewed energy and belief that I can accomplish anything I want. I didn’t learn that from encouragement from others in the business but as a result of being ignored and from those who told me I should have quit the business years ago, ignoring my request for training from them. There is a lot of great advice from so called VO leaders, but advice is nothing without the knowledge of application. I still want to make money but I learned that I don’t need to depend on others words to earn it. The VO world is not what it is trumped to be but it is the business I have chosen to live out my retirement years. Anyone not in the picture I painted should not be offended.

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