Voiceovers, Buyout, And Exclusivity – GKN Weekly Update 3/26/13

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4 Responses

  1. Annette says:

    Impressive. I don’t know bleep about the biz./now to negotiate. Is that something you learned through experience? Thank you for sharing. Mazel Tov!

  2. Tom Dheere says:

    Yeah, it’s through experience. I don’t pretend to know everything about non-union buyouts or exclusivity, but five years sounded like a LOOONG time. So I did a little research, was up front with them, and it all worked out. They dropped the exclusivity!

  3. Paul Payton says:

    Good work, Tom. Glad the negotiation worked out for you. I agree – 5 years is way too long for a non-union buyout. You did the smart and courageous thing.

    Happy Pesach and Easter (and any other vernal celebrations that come our way!).

  1. March 27, 2013

    […] Happy Passover and soon-to-be Easter! We celebrated both holidays here over the weekend with family and friends.  […]

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