Voiceovers And Too Many Voiceover Coaches – The Not Silent Blog 4/3/18

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  1. Paul Payton says:

    Once again, Tom, you have hit the nail on the head. For the record, despite 30 years in the business, I am not a coach, I am not paid teacher, and I offer suggestions in the proper circumstances when or if asked. That said, there are some wonderful and reliable people out there, including yourself, who have the ability to connect with students and the willingness to teach them. When I get the all too frequent requests to help somebody’s brother-in-law who has a “wonderful voice,” I usually refer them to somebody good who makes a living teaching or coaching if they seem to have the ability and willingness to carry it through, or I suggest the local evening schools session or sessions as a shake-out process.

    I think your article has done a great service in helping to separate the wheat, like yourself, from the chaff. Thank you for continuing to be not only a top-notch talent but also an ardent defender of and spokesperson for our industry.

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