Voiceovers: A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme – 4/15/14 The GKN Weekly Update

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  1. Bobbin Beam says:

    Hey Tom,
    First of all, I’m happy to hear everything is A-OK. Health first! Yes, many think the voiceover biz is the easy-peazy path to fame and financial freedom. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
    All The Best,
    Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

  2. Annette says:

    Did a ever need the surgery that year, Tom? Good Pesach and Happy Easter.

  3. Annette says:

    That should have said “Didja,” but auto correct didn’t like it.

  4. Tom Dheere says:

    Yeah, they put me under and yanked it out. And thanks for the best wishes, Bobbin!

  5. Gary Kelley says:


    We haven’t met. but I feel like I know you. Kind of like a good disc jockey on the radio, you’ve never met but you feel like you know them and are part of their life if you listen daily.

    I’m a broadcast veteran, another way of saying. “I’m not getting any younger”. Bobbin was my union rep back in the day. I followed her to you and have enjoyed your wisdom and sense of humor. Odd when you’ve done what I’ve done for so long and still wake up thinking, “I don’t know anything”. I have a good voice and can produce a good read, big deal, so can thousands of others. It’s everything else.

    I’ll keep this short, but wanted to say when I read your words, you are like that DJ that I feel like I know. It’s an art and your have it mastered. Thank you for my education and keeping me entertained. I hope to meet you someday.


    Gary Kelley
    San Diego, CA.

  6. Tom Dheere says:

    Thank you for the very kind words Gary, and I hope to meet you someday, too!

  7. Adam Lofbomm says:

    Tom, great post. I get this same question. All. The. Time. “How can I get into doing voiceovers too? That sounds so fun and easy…”


    I’m very curious to know what is the content of your “Letter To An Aspiring Voice Talent.” Sounds like something I’d like to have on hand for future inquiries from Me Too VO Folks.

    Thanks again for the great post.

  1. April 22, 2014

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