Voiceover Spring Cleaning! – The GKN Weekly Update 7/22/14

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5 Responses

  1. Hey Tom,
    I think I’d like one of those Game Based Marketing codes.

    Happy coincidence, I’m in the midst of filing and purging old work and seminary work, neating up my studio. You deleted your MySpace account?! But I’ve been hearing radio ads about how they’re attempting a comeback? Lol!

  2. Jen Gosnell says:

    Tom, I totally love that Lena Horne quote (and image – OMG, was she totally hot or what?!?). I’m gonna steal it and probably put it on FB, speaking of social media… with a polite hat tip, of course. 😉 I hope you won’t mind.

  3. Tom Dheere says:

    Don’t mind at all. Go for it! And yes, she was quite the babe…

  4. Tom Dheere says:

    Kevin, the free download code is on its way. Enjoy!

  1. July 24, 2014

    […] Hello and Happy Hammock Day and Rat Catcher’s Day! Can you do both at the same time…? NEWS AND NOTES! If you haven’t heard the news, FaffCamp is ON!!! They got enough signups to make it happen and I couldn’t be happier.  […]

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