The VO Strategist Voiceover Business Consultant

Maze image by Qimono via Pixabay - CC0 Public Domain

Do you feel lost in the voiceover industry? Not sure about your voiceover business marketing or goal-setting? As a voiceover business marketing consultant, I can help you navigate the maze that is the voiceover industry.

Through a series of sessions either online or in person, I can help you or your group think, plan, and execute like a business.

The 1-On-1 Diagnostic: I will ask you a series of tough questions about your voiceover business, make a diagnosis, and together we will craft an Action Plan to get your voiceover business heading in the right direction.

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Individual and Group Sessions:

Business and Finances

  • How to Manage your Finances
  • How to Set Goals
  • How to Manage your Time
  • How to File your Taxes as a Voice Talent
  • How to Manage your Workflow
  • How to Build an Effective Rate Sheet
  • How to Analyze your Voiceover Business and Marketing Strategies

Marketing & Branding

  • How to Think like an Effective Marketer
  • How to Evaluate your Website
  • How to Brand yourself as a Voice Talent
  • How to be a Successful Voice Talent in a Smaller Market City
  • How to Build a Sales Funnel
  • How to Retain Clients


  • E-Learning Narration
  • Explainer Video Narration

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