Male Voice Talent Tom Dheere – Client Testimonials

Hundreds of people are attending a benefit at San Francisco’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel when an earthquake occurs. Narrator Tom Dheere sidesteps a somewhat predictable plot with his portrayal of a small group of survivors as they come together at a shelter. They soon learn that the aftershocks in their personal lives will be more devastating than the quake itself. Dheere deftly carves out speech patterns for each of the main characters. Pop singer Melanie Free, from Southern California, has just the right amount of youth in her voice, which contrasts well with the older voices of Sarah and Seth Sloane, a well-to-do couple from Northern California. Photojournalist Everett Carson has a credible Montana drawl. Dheere’s secondary characters are also well defined but restrained-so they don’t overshadow the primary characters.

Audiofile’s Review of “Amazing Grace” by Danielle Steel

“Tom’s work for us as the voice of foonz – our group calling service, has been excellent. He has been very attentive to our needs, very responsive and incredible easy and fun to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any creative project.”

Randy Corke, Owner, RCM Communications

“Tom is a reliable, prepared, and talented voice actor.”

Colleen Rockey, Director, Creative and Marketing, Brilliance Audio

“Tom brought creativity and character to the voiceover work he performed for an animated pilot I directed. His flexibility and range are truly impressive.”

Fran Krause, Animator

“I’ve worked with Tom over the past three years as a voice-over talent in our educational recordings. He’s very versitile, very creative and has proven to be a great contributer to all the projects we’ve worked together on. I recommend him highly both for his talent and his professionalism.”

Phil Lee, Director, Full House Productions

Your consistent, organized effort with the Good Karma Network has helped alot of people. “May your tribe increase,” as the Native American blessing says. Thanks for your steady words of good humor and wisdom.

Christopher Rollings, Film Producer/Director

“Tom’s interpersonal skills, coupled with his natural gift as a voice talent/author/producer/visionary are natural catalysts for not only his personal success, but also of the projects in which he aligns himself. Add strengths in storyboarding, acting, producing, scripting and overall idea development, and these past and current successes are easy to appreciate. It’s my pleasure to have known him for many, many years, and to recommend him here.”

Christopher North, Supervisor, EMC

“Tom is a very creative and motivated individual. I was impressed by his professionalism and his “out of the box” thinking, I look forward to working with Tom again soon.”

Melissa Dixon, Senior Executive, The Equity Group

“Tom is an amazing talent (and an even better person!) He’s an extremely hard worker that produces excellent results. Working with Tom over the past year has been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to having him be the voice of many other projects in the future!”

Lisa Marie Latino, Executive Producer, Long Shot Productions, LLC

“Tom is wonderful to work with. He’s narrated stories for me for roughly 5 years now. During all this time, I’ve never heard him complain. I have found him to be personable, energetic, and conscientious. He’s also quite talented. I whole-heartedly recommend Tom bereft of reservations.”

Allan Kaster, Editor at AudioText

“Tom was excellent to work with on my short film Last Man of Idaho. I was impressed by the skill and subtlety of his narration. He was remarkable in his versatility as a voice actor and was quick to respond to feedback. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Tom on future projects.”

Ascot Smith, Fine Arts Professional

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