Good Karma Network Weekly Update 1/16/12

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Payton says:

    Well written, “Tommy,” and I love happy endings. My computer crashed last year, and the computer “expert” I hired managed to lose my most recent two years’ worth of data. Not such a happy ending. I’ve got Tony Soprano’s guys looking for that dweeb….

    Not really. But the idea crossed my mind! We go forward anyway….

  2. Jay Sawyer says:


    I recently had a similar problem with my e mail files which contained some very important .mp3 files as attachments and lots of priceless contact information. I also had my UPS (universal power supply) die and sizzle after yet another power anomaly in my house/neighborhood (not due to lightning).

    My TOSHIBA 1 TB backup hard drive is a GREAT investment! Bottom line, you have to love Trish THE Dish, she’s a gem in a world full of coal!

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