GKN Weeky Update 9/11/12 – Jerk, or Fool? CHOOSE!

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3 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    Tom, this was a great topic to cover. No matter what industry we work in, if you deal with the public, you’ll run in to this situation sooner or later. You just happened to be in a place with a tremendous amount of exposure – increasing the probability you’d see that type of ‘human behavior’…
    You dealt with it well (read: well as you could…) and give great inspiration to those of us that are too indecisive or speak without thinking – both bad ends of the spectrum – and provide the reminders to us that the ‘right’ answer is usually there, we just have to take the time to think of it.

  2. Paul Payton says:

    Good article, Tom. Welcome to Real Life, where there are no right answers, just less wrong ones. We’ve all been there; you did a great job explaining everyone’s frustrations. For me, if I can sleep at night afterward, I probably made a less awful choice. (And yes, it does seem worse in direct personal-service business, like restaurants and voice-overs!)

    Happy Birthday, my friend!

  1. September 11, 2012

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