GKN Weekly Update 9/18/12 – Mobile Recording And Me: Perfect Together…?

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5 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    I like gadgets and that thing is pretty cool.

  2. Dave Wallace says:

    This thing is really great for what it’s meant to do. Before I bought my first preamp, I started and grew my business using the MicPort Pro. Couple things I like about it…

    -For a USB preamp/interface, it sounds very good!
    -In using this, I didn’t have to limit myself to USB mics. It can turn any mic, even premium ones, into a USB mic.
    -It’s very affordable.

    In the interest of honesty, some things I didn’t like about it…

    -It doesn’t sound quite as good as a traditional interface or preamp (then again, this was designed for mobile recording anyway)…
    -Occasionally a high-frequency noise that sounds almost like a tire leaking air could be heard in the background.
    -I haven’t encountered this problem personally, but I’ve been told that after about 2 years, this thing begins malfunction relatively frequently. Probably because all that circuitry is packed into a small, cigar-like package. Like I said, I haven’t encountered this problem, but I don’t doubt I will eventually. Feel that thing after you’ve been recording for a while…it gets hot! I wouldn’t be surprised if that heat screws up the circuits after a while.

    Still, it’s a wonderful mobile solution and a great “starter” interface/preamp, and I always reccomend it for those who are starting out!

  3. Dave Wallace says:


    “…this thing begins malfunctioning…”

    Grammar errors. My eternal enemy.

  4. Yes, you can use a double nor. However, it is usually more standard to pair nor with neither than with not. Think the USPS motto.

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