GKN Weekly Update 8/28/12 – Who Is REALLY Asking The Questions?

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  1. Steve Vachula says:

    When John Wayne was a young actor in Hollywood (and still went by the name Marion Morrison), he met and patterned what would be his cowboy character from a real cowboy who was then living in Los Angeles, and who often hung around the movie studios, named Wyatt Earp.

    An older actor named Tom Mix also met and learned from Earp. In this way, two generations of fans were treated to personas based on one of the most famous authentic figures of the American West. It makes sense that John Wayne’s “cowboy” has timeless appeal. Glad that you enjoyed it!

  1. August 28, 2012

    […] Good morning, my fellow Earth-icans. Haroo! First off, thanks to those of you who played in the sandbox with me at last week’s Edge Studio webinar. I know I’m crazy but I love talking about negotiating rates & invoicing.  […]

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