GKN Weekly Update 8/21/12 – Can’t Find Voice Work, Huh? Really? Really?!

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Fugal says:

    Thanks for this!
    I hear so many people describing how they can’t work because of the economy. I think this is a frame of mind that keeps yourself from being motivated. I’ve managed to survive in this industry for over ten years by constantly asking, “What can I be doing to advance my career today”. This has led to discovering new sites, groups of like-minded people, techniques, and ways to give my time to others which in turn brought good will and consideration back to me down the road.
    The opportunities are there is you don’t let the state of the economy weigh down your thinking. Thank you for the positive thoughts!

    Mike on the Mic

  2. Mark says:

    You wrote: “… you can find clients anywhere on the planet (especially in those emerging markets) ….So don’t tell me there’s no work. There is work EVERYWHERE and it’s not that hard to find. If you still can’t get enough work to support yourself; look at your demos, your website, your marketing plan, and your work ethic & tell me what you see.”

    I agree there is work available. But please notice the extremely low payments offered by the work in the “emerging markets.” You can find a bunch of USD 20.00 (total-payment) voiceover jobs on the all-purpose freelance websites and even the “better” freelance sites. Here in Tokyo, I also manage Japan voiceover artists and thus receive Japanese-voiceover inquiries from India, Pakistan, China, the Middle East, Russia and so on. The inquiries demand not only voiceover, but additional tasks. The majority of those inquiries base their payments on their local market rate, which is often just 15% of a competitive rate that would be offered in the rest of the world.

    Inexperienced voice-seekers in developed markets do a little Googling, see these low bids and go on to offer similar low amounts for voiceover work in any language.

  3. Tom Dheere says:

    Hey Mark! I certainly do notice the low payments. I see them every day on many sites as well as from individual requests for my services. There will always be clients who offer them and there will always be talents who are either inexperienced, bottom-feeders, or desperate and will take the money and we have no control over that. All we can do as veteran talents & producers is do our best to minimize the practice by educating people on both sides of the production fence and practice what we preach.

    And while I agree that many of the emerging markets do offer sub-standard rates, I myself have regular clients in India & Russia and they pay appropriately and in a timely manner. I guess it’s just a matter of doing your due diligence and being patient, a difficult thing to do while you’re trying to support yourself and your family!

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