GKN Weekly Update 7/9/13 – How To Think Like A Success!

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  1. Paul Payton says:

    Once again, Tom, you’ve nailed it. I particularly like your terminology “Systems of Thought (why you do what you do) and Systems of Execution (how you should do it).” What we do is definitely a business – maybe one of the most fun businesses possible, but a business nonetheless. Thanks for underscoring and organizing that and related concepts. They may seem obvious to us, but as my mentor Alan Sklar said to me, “It’s amazing how much others don’t know that we take for granted.”

    On a “slightly less sophisticated” but deeply truthful level, someone posted on my Facebook page a, incredibly relevant comment which relates to both the nuts and bolts of one of our Systems of Execution and this blog entry:

    “Grammar is the difference between knowing your s**t and knowing you’re s**t.”

    True that!

    Best always,

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