GKN Weekly Update 7/18/11

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Payton says:

    Another good column, Tom. And you have chosen your “hero” well. I was lucky enough to see the real Ray Charles in concert as well as the movie “Ray,” including its “extras” with Jamie Foxx and Ray in a sudio together; Foxx was absolutely brilliant and sympatheric, and I think was about as close to Ray as one could get without being him.

    Re: books – whatever works; I’ve done some stuff that gambles on my talent paying off, too. We do whatever we think will work’ and, if for some reason it doesn’t, “God permits U-turns” (as the saying goes).

    Happy summer!

  2. Jeffrey Kafer says:

    You get 25%, not 50. Just clarifying that.

  3. Peter Bishop says:

    I have auditioned for ACX as well… and been fortunate enough to pick up two books.

    There seems to be some confusion regarding the royalty split that needs (further) clarification. You split 50/50 with the rights holder. This means 50% of what Amazon doles out after their cut. In the beginning (up to 500 sales), Amazon take 50%, leaving 50% to be shared (therefore the VO gets 25%, exactly as Jeffrey says). But, it’s a sliding scale, and by the time you reach in excess of 20,00 sales (we wish!), Amazon’s cut is only 10%, leaving 90% in the pot for the royalty share.

    I agree that the benefits should not be considered as purely financial, Tom’s points are well made regarding exposure etc., but revenue based on sales… I can live with that… even if it is a bit of a gamble!


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