GKN Weekly Update 7/10/12 – Facebook and Voiceovers?

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3 Responses

  1. Just passing along that I’ll be doing a Power Marketing Workshop for Voiceovers this Saturday in NYC. For more details, you can reach me thru aaaVoiceCasting@nullaol.com. Among other items, participants will have doors opened to be connected with 10 of my personal agent friends and 26 casting director friends. Also, there’ll be little known inside information on your best personal marketing resource. Also, how to maximize the Sea change in the voiceover industry that occurred when home studios stopped being an option and became a necessity. One of the tips in the last workshop resulted in over $10,000 in savings to our clients who use Voice123. If this sounds useful, contact me for details.

    Dan D

  2. Ralph Hass says:

    Sounds like setting up a Facebook business page for your voiceover business would be a better (and correct) route to serve as your “networking portal?”

    Terry Daniel says of Facebook, “You won’t be able to talk to everyone.”
    Literally, this is true but communication/interacting can be accomplished by simple things like “liking” a comment or sharing a post.

    When it comes to social media I wish I could say this more often:
    “Thanks for noting!”
    More often than not though I find myself thinking “Thanks for nothing!”
    Unfortunately, the art of reciprocity seems to be lost on most folks.

    Ralph Hass

  3. Tom Dheere says:

    I’ve had a fan page for quite some time, Ralph. More than once I’ve threatened myself to de-friend people on my personal profile that I’m not actually friends with but I always stop myself. Why? Because they won’t necessarily “Like” my fan page once I de-friend them and then I’ve lost contact with them on Facebook, which is arguably the easiest way to stay in touch…

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