GKN Weekly Update 4/30/13 – Why?

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  1. Rosi Amador says:

    Thank you, querido Tom, for your example and inspiration, but equally important, for your humor and big heart. I always look forward to reading your blog because it makes me think and ask myself hard questions. Good ones. Have a blast at Faffcamp. I am so jealous!

  2. John Lano says:

    Hi Tom!

    Wonderful post. Figuring out what motivates you is essential in any industry or business and in life in general. This post was motivational for me, because it tugged at my “affiliation” motivator.

    Coincidentally, I am writing an 8-part blog series on “How To Motivate Your 8 Voice Over Identities.” The “affiliation” motivator comes from my last blog on “How To Motivate Your ‘Salesperson’ Identity.”

    Check out the series if you’re interested: http://www.voiceovergenie.com/blog/how-to-motivate-your-8-voice-over-identities-blog-series/.

  1. April 30, 2013

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