GKN Weekly Update 2/27/12: Oscar Night!

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  1. Tom Dheere says:

    Some comments from Annette Guarrasi:

    Lol! Garanimals – what a nut.

    Jim Rash’s leg mockery of Angelina was memorable & brave, but I think he’ll keep his day job as the Dean on “Community.”

    I wish I caught the opening Bieber scene AND Clooney’s kiss w/ Billy. Probably on YouTube. Billy did an excellent job, I agree. Every spoof was SO fun, from Robert Downey Jr’s & Emma Stone’s to JLo’s & Cameron Diaz’ improv really made me smile and appreciate their sense of play.

    And how about winning at 84?! Even after starring in a cult favorite film like Sound of Music didn’t guarantee a statue for another 40 years. There IS still time and hope for me.

    Thanks for your always humorous blogs!

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