GKN Weekly Update 1/29/13 – Don’t Mess With New Jersey!

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  1. Yay Tom! I can feel your pain with that sort of “talent” on a job – insecure, stupid and mouth in motion before brain is ever truly engaged. And so incredibly tacky to bash the home state of the studio!! Wow… interestingly, I’m actually not from NJ, but have lived in my lovely adopted state for almost twenty-five years now. As a result, I go to bat for NJ whenever I hear those stereotypes. When I recently moved my mom to a nursing home in Connecticut to one in NJ, the social worker’s parting words to her were: “You’re going to a stinking place!” So many are ignorant of the riches New Jersey offers – but there’s no excuse to stay ignorant! Imagine if roles were reversed. and you were recording in an Australia-based studio, and bashed the country, etc. But wait: YOU NEVER WOULD!! ’cause your mama raised you BETTER! Thumbs up from Beautiful, Bucolic, Blissful Warren County NEW JERSEY, baby!

  2. Paul Payton says:

    Your “three things” and the Thomas Sowell quote are both spot-on. I’ll add a corollary: when one has nothing to say, say nothing. Ancillary benefit: it makes people wonder what’s on your mind – and if they’re curious enough, they’ll ask you.

    PS – Yay, New Jersey. we’re like the old Timex watch ad – we take a licking and keep on ticking! And yes, there are many exquisitely beautiful areas of our state – and some pretty neat ones as well (often coinciding). If anyone has any doubt, come to Branch Brook Park in Newark and Belleville in the spring. Case closed!!!

  3. sorry, please change my comment: “When I recently moved my mom from a nursing home in Connecticut…” Ta

  4. Annette says:

    Good for you for showing maturity and professionalism in such a sticky situation.

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