GKN Weekly Update 11/14/11

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Payton says:

    Hope you’re feeling better – I fought a cold, too, but this time, I short-circuited it. Unfortunately, I think I gave it to my wife. Normally, I like giving her things – but not this!

    I like the new format, Tom – clean, simple, effective.

    I also like the promo, and commented on FB and YouTube.

    If this gets to anybody befoe tonight (Tuesday 11/15/11), tonight’s MCA-I New Jersey meeting (www.mca-inj.org) is on production legalities. It promises to be interesting and informative; bring your hardest questions and knottiest problems to FDU Madison (Rutherford Room in the student center). Pizza and networking @ 6:30, topic around 7:30.

    One more hype: my band, Rob Carlson & Benefit Street (www.robcarlsonmusic.com), is playing at the Stanhope House (www.stanhopehousenj.com) on Friday, December 16th. It’s a great venue, and we’ll be having “communicable” fun. Please come and bring everyone you know – it’s our NJ debut!

    Best of eveything,

  2. Sarah says:

    As a constant sufferer of colds and sinus infections (completely job related as I am around small children all day) I swear by the Neti Pot. I am ready to propose marriage to the Neti Pot.

    Glad you are feeling better! I really loved ‘Blue Valentine (I liked it better the second time).

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