GKN News 9/25/12 – Welcome To Tom’s VO Bistro!

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  1. Good stuff, Tom.

    By the way, Voice 123 has given me a small number of premium packages where you pay for one year and get one year for free. This is a special group rate not publicly advertised. It’s a remarkable deal for anyone who is seriously using Voice 123. Anyone interested in details, may email me at aaaVoiceCasting@nullaol.com and I’ll be glad to help. There’s also a free webinar with Harlan Hogan that’s being sponsored by my friend John Florian’s company – http://www.voiceover Xtra.com. Also, worth checking out.

    All the best.

    Dan Duckworth

  1. September 25, 2012

    […] Happy Yom Kippur! Tonight begins the Jewish Day of Atonement, where all is forgiven and you have yet another full year to try & get it right. C’mon people, let’s focus! GKN NEWS FLASH!  […]

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