GKN 5/14/12 – What’s The Strangest VO Request You’ve Ever Had?

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4 Responses

  1. Diane Bean says:

    Wow, Tom, great response! I’m sure I would have just deleted his email, but I’m glad you took the time to thoughtfully respond to him and then blog about it for the rest of us to appreciate and write cartoons about. 🙂 Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have gotten through to him…

    I’ve had people send me their demos and/or want to know how to get started, but this guy’s request is outrageous!

    Oh, and I love Voice-overload — he certainly captured the moment (and attitude). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mike Coon says:

    Dear Tom:
    I subscribe to Jeffrey’s comic strip and laughed out loud (and I mean LAUGHED out loud fully, not “lol!!”) when I read that strip…I had a similarly amazing question posed to me, to my face, by a budding voice talent with whom I have a fairly new relationship. We were at a prearranged meeting and he came up to me and asked “So… how much did you make last year in VoiceOver?” After composing myself, I simply answered, “wow, I’m really happy to share my knowledge and experience to try and help you get your VO career going, but I’m sorry, I just can’t tell you that!” he was like, “oh, ok…”

  3. Now, as a disclaimer, allow me to say I generally ask for “associate contact information, feedback, suggestions, or tips,” so I never baldfacedly request clients themselves. But, I have cold-emailed (is that a word?) and requested the aforementioned. However, to me, “contact information” does not mean merely clients and jobs. It means coaches you think would suit me or kindred spirits that voice in the same style and might know where I’m coming from. Sure, it could mean agents or managers or clients, but that is a bit much. Do you think I’m an assclown for this (something more commonly stated as one word)?

  4. Tom Dheere says:

    You are most certainly NOT, Bethany! Cold-calling potential clients is a perfectly acceptable (and encouraged) practice. Asking a peer for their clients is definitely ass-clownish.

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