GKN 3/19/12 – FaffCon is Almost Here!

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6 Responses

  1. Paul Payton says:

    Have fun and tell everyone I said hello! Circumstances precluded this one, bu I hope to at Faffcon 5!

  2. Paul Payton says:

    I also hope to conquer typo disease – it should be “but I hope to BE at Faffcon 5.” (But being an intelligent person, you probably figured that out!_

  3. JD says:

    Say ‘Hey’ to the whales for me.

  4. Tom,

    It’s OK, I’ve never been to Hawaii! Looking forward to sharing the same space with ya!

    C ya there!

    Dave Courvoisier

  5. Rosi Amador says:

    Oh ….sigh…. I am sad I can’t be there, but will certainly be at Faffcon 5. Please have a FABULOUS time for me too!

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