Explainer Video Narration | Professional Voiceover

An explainer video (explanatory video) is a quick and easy way to ‘explain’ a product, service, or idea. It can be anything from a website service to a new invention to a Kickstarter campaign. And no matter how professionally produced a live-action, animated, or whiteboard explainer video is, how effectively it reaches your audience hinges on the quality of the narration.

As a professional voiceover narrator. I started doing narration for explanatory videos long before they were called explainer videos (I narrated my first one in 2006). Why does my experience matter? Because explainer video narration isn’t just about telling your story. It’s about being able to match the mood, tone, atmosphere, and tempo of the onscreen images. It’s knowing which words to punch, how to pace my voice to the action, and when to slow down or pause to let a viewer better process your message.

Listen to my explainer voiceover demos, and watch explainer videos I’ve narrated.

Here are some video examples: