Do Facebook and Voiceovers Mix? – GKN Weekly Update 10/1/13

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  1. Bravo Tom, Thanks for posting! Can we add unnecessary pictures of wounds to that list?

  2. Mary Morgan says:

    I LOVE this post. I’ve been using FB primarily as a place to connect with friends old and new, and colleagues because I’m fond of networking. However, the dark side of FB continues to make itself more known these days as I have connections constantly, so very constantly, bragging every gosh darn day about getting 4 auditions in one afternoon, booking a lead in film or a guest role on a huge TV show, voicing 3 national spots, how they have the best talent agent in the biz, or that they’re making a special appearance at popular anime and comic conventions worldwide and then adding “Life is good”, or “God is good”, or “I am so blessed” and so on. I understand lots off people are… excited about their success, but on FB it comes off as ridiculously egotistical and narcissitic, which we all know to be highly unprofessional, rude and hurtful to those of us who aren’t ‘there’ yet.
    Oh, then there are those who will friend anyone (especially producers, directors, audio designers, and even their fans) but not you because in their words, they want to keep their friends list small (that’s why they have two FB pages with over 2,000 friends on each one). Then you’re left wondering “What’s wrong with me? Why don’t they want to be my friend? What did I do wrong?” and this hurts twice as much when the ones who reject you are local and you keep running into them at auditions or events and their career success grows in visible abundance while yours just doesn’t go anywhere.
    FB might have been fun in the beginning, sadly there’s more and more corruptioon on the rise and less creativity.

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