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Voiceovers, WeWork, And Meetup – The Not Silent Blog 12/5/17

WeWork bought Meetup. Here is the announcement from Meetup: And here is an article from Business Insider announcing the acquisition. I’m not sure when the online platforms will reflect the acquisition or how...


What I Learned At The CineTech Expo – The Not Silent Blog 9/12/17

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the CineTech Expo at Fairleigh Dickenson University in Madison, New Jersey. To quote their website, the CineTech Expo is “New Jersey’s premier video and...


Voiceovers And Technology – The Not Silent Blog 8/1/17

Fellow audiobook narrator and righteous dude Steven Jay Cohen recently posted a question on a voiceover-related Facebook Group: So, if ACX (Audiobook Creation Xchange) were to disappear tomorrow, how would you move forward with your...