A Very Special Voiceover Announcement! – The GKN Weekly Update 11/12/13

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8 Responses

  1. Terry Daniel says:

    Critics are saying this could be the party of the century!

  2. Thanks for taking this on Tom – you are the best ;)!

  3. Cat Smith says:

    Well, I wrote something witty and clever the first time and got the CAPTCHA code wrong on entry and lost it. So, Cliffsnotes, you’re News & Notes were very exciting and I wish I could be there for NYE! But… I hope to work with you in the coming year, but worst case scenario, you, Trish, Terry, and I have a date to meet up at the Tiki bar during Voice 2014! Deal?

  4. Cat Smith says:

    I now also wish I could edit that comment since it says “you’re” instead of “your” and that bugs me to no end. Sigh.

  5. We had one in London, was great fun! Sharing tales of #vo, good and bad…
    Irish voice

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