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  1. CourVO says:


    I'm not a celebrity, but I play one on TV. When I'm recognized at the grocery story, it's a compliment and I try to treat it as one. The reactions usually fall into one of two categories, and both are good.

    The first is a gushing/surprise reaction with usually a lot of smiling or giggling, and the other is a more staid approach that usually includes a reference to someone we both supposedly know.

    As a news anchor, people invite you into their home, and over time they come to think of you as a friend. That's a huge compliment, and I always thank them for watching.

    As for Voice-acting — an endeavour that takes more and more of my time and effort — I work in fits and starts. I hate to say it, but I don't find it encouraging in the least to hear other voice-actors go on and on about the jobs they just had, or ARE doing, and how they've been working their butt off for the last XX weeks. It's very DISCOURAGING to hear those comments when you're also working your butt off with marketing and getting nowhere.
    I may be the only one with that feeling, and I know we all work in relative isolation, so it's cathartic to share your accomplishments, but it also seems like a lot of gratuitous chest-thumping that could be better left to humility.

    My 2-cents.

    Dave Courvoisier

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for your insight, Dave! I do understand your thoughts concerning voice acting. There is a fine line between using your accomplishments as a marketing tool and just plain ole' bragging. I hope I'm regarded as the former!

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