Voiceovers And…The Swamp Thing?! – The GKN Weekly Update 3/25/14

Hello and Happy Pecan Day and International Waffle Day! Not to be confused with National Waffle Day because that would be sacrilege.



  • Now you can see We Move Animals on DVD! I already ordered my copy. Just one copy though, because ordering more than that would be totally narcissistic, right?
  • The latest RRCA production is now on sale! It’s called Jean Richmond Smokes a Joint. It’s not what you think. I play a maitre d’ with an outrageous French accent. Not good, just outrageous.
  • I wrote an article for Edge studio called “Open Mouth, Insert Voice” with some friendly advice on how not to be an ass clown in the studio.


So over the weekend I was messing around online and I had the TV on in the background. I didn’t like what was on so I flipped the channels until I found the 1982 Wes Craven film “Swamp Thing“.

I haven’t seen it in decades! There was only about 30 minutes left but I dived in anyway. BTW one thing that’s fun about watching a movie from so long ago is to see if it “holds up”. Sadly, it was awful!

But I digress. In the film is a formula that when drunk, turns you into what you truly are. Dr. Alec Holland turned into the superhero Swamp Thing with all these plant-based powers. A big thug turned into a green, pig-faced little person. And Dr. Anton Arcane, played by the wonderful Louie Jourdan, turned literally into a monster.

This got me thinking about self-perception. If you drank that formula, what would you turn into: a superhero, a little green big-creature, or a monster? Does who you think you are match up with who you really are?


TIP OF THE WEEK: Having an accurate perception of yourself will make or break you as a voice talent. Everybody thinks they have the talent, but do they really? Having a deep, sexy, or quirky voice is not talent; using your voice to tell a story is. Owning an expensive mic that the big voice actors use is not talent; knowing how to use it properly is. Commanding attention at a networking event and making people laugh is not talent; connecting with individuals and cultivating true relationships is.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Remember, the girl you’re with is somebody’s sister. And he’s perfectly capable of kicking your ass. “Rules for my Unborn Son” by Walker Lamond


STUFF!: Normally this would be the place where I’d talk about seeing Swamp Thing, so instead I’ll just mention that I finally saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Meh.


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