Voiceovers and Conferences – The GKN Weekly Update 5/26/15

I love voiceover conferences.

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Voiceovers and Cold Calling – GKN Weekly Update 5/19/15

I hate cold-calling.


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Voiceovers And Etiquette – The GKN Weekly Update 5/12/15

Hello and Happy Eat What You Want DayBike To Work Day, and of course Happy Mother’s Day! Lately, it seems like every day is Eat What You Want Day and BBQ season is almost upon us. Anybody got a Tums…?

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Voiceovers and Farming- The GKN Weekly Update 5/5/15

Hello and Happy Star Wars Day and No Socks Day! I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid so I’m super-stoked for The Force Awakens in December. Please don’t let that diminish No Socks Day for you. I love wearing socks and I love not wearing socks. I’m a contradiction, I guess…

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Voiceovers And Comic Books – The GKN Weekly Update 4/28/15

Hello and Happy Batman Day and Free Comic Book Day! Pretty geek-tastic, right?

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Voiceovers And Surrounding Yourself With The Right People – The GKN Weekly Update 4/21/15

Hello and Happy Talk Like Shakepeare Day! In honor of this holiday, below is my favorite sonnet. And NO, I don’t have anyone in particular in mind. Enjoy!

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Voiceovers And Trusting Your Voice – The GKN Weekly Update 4/14/15

Hello and Happy Scrabble Day and That Sucks Day! I’ve been playing Scrabble on Facebook for years. I take a turn a day with each of my opponents. If you wanna play Scrabble with me, find me on Facebook. Trust me, it does not suck…

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Voiceovers And My 3 Favorite Cloud-Based Tools – The GKN Weekly Update 4/7/15

Hello and Happy New Beer’s Eve and No Housework Day. I think those holidays go hand in hand, don’t you…?

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I Came, I Saw, I Faffed – The GKN Weekly Update 3/31/15

Hello and Happy Crayola Crayon Day and Atheist Day. I don’t celebrate Atheist Day because I don’t believe in it. Get it?

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3 Reasons to go FaffCamping – The GKN Weekly Update 3/10/15

Hello and Happy Napping Day and No Smoking Day! Don’t you think every day should be Napping Day…?

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